Her Majesty's Finest [UnMet]

Bedlam Lockdown

BETHLAHEM HOSPITAL Alienist Father Darrowmere assured the citizens of London and the fine officers of the Deathwatch that a recent incident of lockdown was related to unfortunate case of possession, not the Plague as has been speculated.

Darrowmere said that Bethlahem’s new containment facilities functioned admirably, with no staff or inmates coming to any significant harm, and that hospital staff were working with the relevant authorities to investigate the events leading up to the incident.

“Unfortunately, the civilian who was possessed died during the exorcism, though the ”/characters/sleighdriver" class=“wiki-content-link”>possessing entity has been contained." He says it hasn’t been possible to get the necessary samples of CSF, cerebrospinal fluid, to make a clinical diagnosis, but based on the clinical signs, Father Darrowmere says there’s little doubt about the cause of death.

“The entity is contained and has been isolated. Over the past three days public authorities have been monitoring and conducting investigations regarding its origin,” he said.

“We’ve obviously taken even further measures to not only remain diligent but take some precautionary action as well,” Darrowmere said.

“We’ve also continued to monitor each of the inmates and staff to ensure there is no risk of the area becoming Blighted."

“There is no indication nearby residents have been impacted at all."

Metropolitan Police Probe Gold Theft
By Harold Furniss

The City of London Metropolitan Police are investigating the possible theft of more than £100,000 worth of gold from the Bank of England’s vault by a group of Animates. Such strange behaviour has prompted the House of Lords to revisit sections of the Contagious Diseases Act 2008 which prohibits research into the Plague in metropolitan areas for scientific purposes.metropolitan_police.jpg

“It has become clear in recent weeks that spontaneously animating Unmentionables have been ignoring opportunities to attack civilians, and this curious behavior requires investigation,” stated Lord Foresque-Smyth.

No arrests have been made, but authorities executed a search warrant earlier this week, and have recovered a substantial portion of the theft.

Metropolitan Police Superintendant Thomas Arnold said Thursday the matter is still under investigation.

“We have yet to recover the entirity of the stolen property,” Arnold said. “All documents are coming before review by our forensic psychics. We expect to have the property recovered and the matter closed shortly.”

The Curse of the Ghost Train


Her Majesty’s Finest
and the Curse of the Ghost Train

A mysterious note summoned our heroes to the derelict Ludgate Hill Station, its state of disrepair contrasting sharply with being surprisingly tidy.

A galvanic tripwire provided the first clue that something was amiss, with a well locked turnstile providing a further source of puzzlement. The Stationmaster’s Office proved to be receiving galvanic power, despite the fact that it was too far underground to be within the Tesla network.


Before our heroes could investigate, an aethertech Train pulled into the station, disgorging an animate horde and the horrifying apparition of Dr. Reginald XXXXXX.

Realizing that having such a large group of animates operating within the rail network was a threat to the city, several of our intrepid explorers raced quickly to fetch the Deathwatch, while the fearless Dr Frederick Bragg and his associates Mr Arthur Chandler and Mr Edward Culver stayed to deal with the horrid threat.

Ludgate Hill station is now considered to be a scene of significance to those in Her Majesty’s Service.

Father Darrowmere – Angelus Morningstar
Emily Thwait – Gemma Jasper
Content Not Found: ed-carver – Guy Lippin
Dr Frederick Bragg – Chris Hawkins
Arthur Chandler – Riley Perriman
Robert O’Brien – Benny Williams



  • Albinism
  • Cannibalism


Location: Ludgate Station

Zones: Stairs, Turnstiles, Stationmaster’s Office, Platform, Rails

Location: Aethertech Train

Aspects: Aethertech, Mobile, Secure

Casefile: Sleighdriver


Casefile: Sleighdriver

Originally a malevolent spirit possessing the otherwise unremarkable Ibertly, it seemed that the subject had the ability to consumer other ghosts into itself, using their different frequencies to evade capture. Eventually contained through the combined ministrations of parapsycological expert Dr Frederick Bragg, the redoubtable Father Darrowmere and attending physician Dr Archimedes McDonald. After the harrowing experience, the patient began to manifest an aura of subtle influence on those around him. Subject was found to be displaying psychic powers, and was graded by Father Darrowmere (see confidential file).
h2. Created Aspects:

Location: Blessed Cell

Available in: Bedlam (Bethlehem Hospital)
Zone: Private Wing Patient Room 231, 232 and Observation Room

Characters Present:
Dr Frederick Bragg
Dr Archimedes McDonald
Father Darrowmere
Lord Charles Unwin Byron

Havock at Heath Row Airfield

Just a brief piece of documentation. Will write up more fully before next game hopefully.

Present were:
Harry ‘Fingers’ Barrett
Lady Cecilia ‘Bunny’ Marchmont
Maude Lackerey
Mortimer Jacobs Wordsworth
Robert O’Brien

Character Creation Day
A blog for your campaign

It was decided that the name of the “day shift” game should be:

Her Majesty’s Finest

and the Minutemen

…was suggested to represent the “night shift”, but I am unsure if they want to take something like…

the Gaslights


Present were:
Alex Hughes – Detective Adrian White
Andrew Sadler – Elizabeth Winters
Angelus Morningstar – Father Darrowmere
Chris Wheeler – Gregory Smith
Herbie Peppard – Mortimer Jacobs Woodsworth
Lachlan Twobeard – Koric Copperbeard
Leigh Tuckman – Maude Lackerey
Owen McRae – Lord Charles Unwin Byron

Those who have posted responses to the surveys and signed up to the Obsidian Portal have been linked.

Basic system will run off clocks, matching cards’ numbers to the minute hand.

Virtue was blind-voted on, and we’ll discuss how that works later. For now, it’s safe to summarize that it’s a rough in-principle inversion of the Corruption and Devil’s Luck mechanics from the Unhallowed Metropolis core book (as tracking negative cards would suck).


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