Her Majesty's Finest [UnMet]

BETHLAHEM HOSPITAL Alienist Father Darrowmere assured the citizens of London and the fine officers of the Deathwatch that a recent incident of lockdown was related to unfortunate case of possession, not the Plague as has been speculated.

Darrowmere said that Bethlahem’s new containment facilities functioned admirably, with no staff or inmates coming to any significant harm, and that hospital staff were working with the relevant authorities to investigate the events leading up to the incident.

“Unfortunately, the civilian who was possessed died during the exorcism, though the ”/characters/sleighdriver" class=“wiki-content-link”>possessing entity has been contained." He says it hasn’t been possible to get the necessary samples of CSF, cerebrospinal fluid, to make a clinical diagnosis, but based on the clinical signs, Father Darrowmere says there’s little doubt about the cause of death.

“The entity is contained and has been isolated. Over the past three days public authorities have been monitoring and conducting investigations regarding its origin,” he said.

“We’ve obviously taken even further measures to not only remain diligent but take some precautionary action as well,” Darrowmere said.

“We’ve also continued to monitor each of the inmates and staff to ensure there is no risk of the area becoming Blighted."

“There is no indication nearby residents have been impacted at all."


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