Her Majesty's Finest [UnMet]


Casefile: Sleighdriver

Originally a malevolent spirit possessing the otherwise unremarkable Ibertly, it seemed that the subject had the ability to consumer other ghosts into itself, using their different frequencies to evade capture. Eventually contained through the combined ministrations of parapsycological expert Dr Frederick Bragg, the redoubtable Father Darrowmere and attending physician Dr Archimedes McDonald. After the harrowing experience, the patient began to manifest an aura of subtle influence on those around him. Subject was found to be displaying psychic powers, and was graded by Father Darrowmere (see confidential file).
h2. Created Aspects:

Location: Blessed Cell

Available in: Bedlam (Bethlehem Hospital)
Zone: Private Wing Patient Room 231, 232 and Observation Room

Characters Present:
Dr Frederick Bragg
Dr Archimedes McDonald
Father Darrowmere
Lord Charles Unwin Byron


sparksman sparksman

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