Her Majesty's Finest [UnMet]

Metropolitan Police Probe Gold Theft

By Harold Furniss

The City of London Metropolitan Police are investigating the possible theft of more than £100,000 worth of gold from the Bank of England’s vault by a group of Animates. Such strange behaviour has prompted the House of Lords to revisit sections of the Contagious Diseases Act 2008 which prohibits research into the Plague in metropolitan areas for scientific purposes.metropolitan_police.jpg

“It has become clear in recent weeks that spontaneously animating Unmentionables have been ignoring opportunities to attack civilians, and this curious behavior requires investigation,” stated Lord Foresque-Smyth.

No arrests have been made, but authorities executed a search warrant earlier this week, and have recovered a substantial portion of the theft.

Metropolitan Police Superintendant Thomas Arnold said Thursday the matter is still under investigation.

“We have yet to recover the entirity of the stolen property,” Arnold said. “All documents are coming before review by our forensic psychics. We expect to have the property recovered and the matter closed shortly.”


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