Her Majesty's Finest [UnMet]


Her Majesty’s Finest
and the Curse of the Ghost Train

A mysterious note summoned our heroes to the derelict Ludgate Hill Station, its state of disrepair contrasting sharply with being surprisingly tidy.

A galvanic tripwire provided the first clue that something was amiss, with a well locked turnstile providing a further source of puzzlement. The Stationmaster’s Office proved to be receiving galvanic power, despite the fact that it was too far underground to be within the Tesla network.


Before our heroes could investigate, an aethertech Train pulled into the station, disgorging an animate horde and the horrifying apparition of Dr. Reginald XXXXXX.

Realizing that having such a large group of animates operating within the rail network was a threat to the city, several of our intrepid explorers raced quickly to fetch the Deathwatch, while the fearless Dr Frederick Bragg and his associates Mr Arthur Chandler and Mr Edward Culver stayed to deal with the horrid threat.

Ludgate Hill station is now considered to be a scene of significance to those in Her Majesty’s Service.

Father Darrowmere – Angelus Morningstar
Emily Thwait – Gemma Jasper
Content Not Found: ed-carver – Guy Lippin
Dr Frederick Bragg – Chris Hawkins
Arthur Chandler – Riley Perriman
Robert O’Brien – Benny Williams



  • Albinism
  • Cannibalism


Location: Ludgate Station

Zones: Stairs, Turnstiles, Stationmaster’s Office, Platform, Rails

Location: Aethertech Train

Aspects: Aethertech, Mobile, Secure


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