An Explanation of the Scientific Fields

An Explanation of the Scientific Fields

Science! covers the world and everything in it. In order to understand Science! enough, one must focus on specific fields to achieve a greater understanding of these things. Note that in Unhallowed Metropolis, the scientific fields go by many names.

Physicians may also call themselves doctors, naturalists, biologists, botanists, evolutionary investigators, and whole host of other things. This field covers everything that lives, be it the smallest single celled organism or the mighty whale, or even larger. Common uses for this field are: Discovering the origins of life, curing the Plague, fitting prosthetic grafts, discovering how to regrow lost organs, understanding the wonders of nature.

Galvanics, one of the pillars of Neo-Victorian science, is the study of electricity and its applications. Modern industry is thoroughly galvanic. The Tesla network provides energy to the whole of London, the walls protected by devastating galvanic weapons. Even the stuff of life is subject to galvanic command: alienists use electroconvulsive therapies to interrupt the diseased processes of the mind and galvanic reanimists call down lightning to impart the semblance of life to inert flesh. It covers theories of electrical energy, steam power, light and more exotic sources, though it does not cover Aetheric energies (that’s the field of Parapsychology). This domain is used to design better Power-Sources, weapons, transportation and similar ideas.

Alchemy covers the building blocks of creation. Chemists and metallurgists also study this field. Common uses include creating better metals and alloys, discovering the properties of new materials and creating elixirs such as Hyde or the long-lost Thrope serum.

Natural science is the rational study of the laws governing the universe. The field subsumes astronomy, biology, earth science, and physics. Though most up-and-coming Neo-Victorian scientists prefer to study the rapidly growing fields of alchemy, galvanics, and parapsychology, natural science remains extremely important.

*Parapsychology*is the study of supernormal, spectral and psychical manifestations. A parapsychologist will be conversant with the standard classifications of spirits and of psychical manifestation, and he will be able to determine the safest and most efficient means for dealing with a supernormal threat. He will be trained in the use of aethertech equipment and will be able to perform minor repairs and troubleshooting on this equipment.

Components and Ingredients.

In Unhallowed Metropolis, the investigation of Science! requires having the right sort of material to experiment with. The sorts of items they are depend on your characters Method and Scientific fields, and will be detailed in your brief.

Items (or even other characters!) that can be used for Devices and experiments will normally be attached to a label or sticker, however you should feel free to approach a gamesmaster with additional suggestions.

These items need to be processed into components to make them useable for the purposes of Science! Tradesmen can turn ingredients into these sorts of components, but the appropriate Academics skill is required to identify the component and specify what it can be made into. (Or to put it another way, it’s not enough to know that Diamond would make an excellent component in a Lockhart Aetherpulse Cannon, someone has to cut the diamond into a usable form.) The higher scientist’s skill, the more components they’ll be able to identify.

Creating Components

A skilled engineer can turn an appropriate object into a scientific component. Components are split into the following types:

  1. Focus
  2. Channel
  3. Critical Component
  4. Power-Source

And further split into Fields

  1. Medical
  2. Galvanic
  3. Alchemical
  4. Natural
  5. Parapsychological

It is up to the player how much time they want to spend altering objects, and entirely up to them what tools and pyrotechnics they wish to employ. We strongly encourage players to ham it up as much as possible and have fun with it.

Appropriate objects usually have some sort of interesting explanation; for example, a cylinder made out of rare metals makes a good channel. Shale from the Wastelands may make a fantastic Critical Component for a natural sciences experiment, and zombie heads are typically good for anything. If in doubt, check with a gamesmaster, but the idea here is to have fun and make fantastic looking inventions.

Success! (and Partial Success…)

Unhallowed Metropolis rewards “failed” experimentation.

The table below is an example of how we’ll be modelling the random scientific tables from any of the Unhallowed Metropolis books. This section isn’t finished yet.

An Explanation of the Scientific Fields

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