Basic principles:

The core mechanic of combat works of the victim Clock Testing their Vitality.
Clock Testing means they check the numbers written at the bottom of a given amount of cards, and any that do not match the clock’s minute hand, rounded backward, are discarded (fail). The odds on a given card failing are around 50%.

Brawling is not as good as any other Combat action for direct damage, but is what everything else in combat works off (disarming, wrestling, pushing, disengaging, etc).

Melee and Firearms are only good for their various ranges. No using guns in melee or knives at range (unless you’re throwing the knife, in which case it’s firearms). Firearms are also Loud (which is why Mourners and Undertakers don’t use them as much).

Scientific Weaponry does lots of damage, however it’s a Clock Test first to see if it works. It’s also Very Loud.

Aiming for creature specific Critical locations with appropriate weaponry doubles your damage, but you have to make a Clock Test to see if it works.

Simple Combat:

  1. Characters declare attacks in order of lowest Vitality pool to highest. I was tempted to use Brawl here, so feedback would be appreciated.
  2. Resolve attacks with direct damage first, from highest Vitality to lowest. This is resolved by the attacker saying how many damage they’re doing, and the victim Clock testing that many Vitality cards.
    1. An exception to this is if someone is attempting to interrupt a direct damage, in which case that is Match Tested first. It’s worth noting that this is normally discouraged, unless there’s an obvious tactical reason (which you should try to explain simply to the group).
  3. Direct damage is a card Spend, and the Victim simply checks that amount of damage against the clock. Any Vitality cards that do not match are discarded.
  4. If you have Aimed, or are using Scientific Weaponry then it goes off last (in order of Vitality). If you do both then you go last last (and have to make two, split, Clock Tests, I don’t recommend this). The victim checks the total number of Vitality cards.

Sample combat:

I’m facing off against and Animate. As it’s just me, there’s probably not much point trying to simply stop it from biting me (unless help is on its way). However my trusty companions are nearby

It’s at range, and I’m prepared, so I pull out my grounded Van Haller Lightning Gun.

  1. Normally I’d go first as I have a high Vitality. However, because of Science(!) I go last.
  2. The Animate charges, sacrificing a point of Brawl to get close. Being an Animate, it’s got plenty of those.
  3. I go fire the Lightning Gun, and make a Clock Test. The Clock’s minute hand is currently just past 4. I draw a Scientific Weaponry card, which has 1,2,7,9,11,12 printed on it. A failure! I’m just about to fire when I notice one of the grounding leads is loose, and hurriedly stamp on it, however the great KATHOOM of electricity misses the charging animate.
  4. I hear my companions nearby start yelling orders
    End Round 1.

I get to go first because I’m less dead than the Animate. It doesn’t matter anyway, I’ve decided to block its first attack until my friends get here, so we can pin it and take its head (there’s a bounty on those).

Unfortunately, by the time they turn up, so have a group of Animates. This will get messy.


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