Players may have their characters take narrative actions between games. These are facilitated by Aspects or appropriate Assets (Companions, devices or stunts) and the link must be explicitly stated. Each Aspect/Asset may only be used once.

A Player may describe a number of actions equal to her refresh (normally 3). These may be personal activities, but she may may make use of a number of Assets equal to her refresh, which may aid her action or perform an action on her behalf.

Downtimes must be submitted in writing by the Friday before the next freeform to be considered valid for the period, and are structured according to the following table.

Aspect Action Type Target Notes
District e.g Overcome e.g. Feral Vampires e.g. Finding out where they hide

The first action of every downtime is always tied to your District aspect.

A player may spend a Fate Point to invoke a Stunt or discovered Aspect (not personal), and give a bonus to any downtime action, hoping to increase its chance of success.

Downtimes are considered part of the previous game, so Fate Points are refreshed at the beginning of the next game, after downtimes. A character who receives many compels in a game may have more interesting and effective downtime activities!

The Facilitator will collect Downtime requests and send back responses to players, making tests based on Approaches, Stunts, and the ratings of Assets, if needed.


Overcome actions are usually aimed at gathering information. (_e.g. Player A calls on her Business Contact_to find out if anyone is making bids on an abandoned building). Overcome actions may also be used to defeat other obstacles, such as Game or Setting Aspects.

Create Advantage

Create Advantage actions are usually aimed at gaining a beneficial aspect for the next game (e.g. Flush with Cash, Armed with Explosives, Rival’s Dirty Secret, Prestigious Meeting Location, Captive Wind Spirit, Fortified Position, Backing of an Outside Power) and will give you free invoke(s), as usual.


It is suggested that Downtime Attack actions may not directly target another Character. However, they may target NPCs, other Characters’ Extras, or other setting elements. If a Character loses an Extra in this way, the Player may spend a Fate point at the beginning of the next game to regain the point of Refresh that was represented by that Extra.

(e.g. Player B calls on herLoyal Cultists to spread the news that the town’s Sheriff is in league with Demons, leading to his removal from office.)


In addition to specific defense actions, any Extras not employed in another action will automatically seek to defend themselves and the Character. Characters, as normal, will try to provide active opposition against any Attacks of which they are aware.

_We may, repeat, may, institutes a system where players may take a number of Downtime actions equal to their leftover Fate Points, but this wil be further into the testing process.

Submitting Downtimes

The best way to submit your downtimes is to create a secret on your character page.
Submitting downtimes like this not only notifies your GM but leaves a record, which is helpful in the long run.

To do this you need to edit your character’s page and toward the bottom there is a “Add Player Secret” button.
Once added you can select who can see the secret, in addition to the GM.
Once you’ve selected who can see the secret, simply add the date of the game that the downtime relates to and your actions in the body of the text field.

Make sure that you email a notification of the changes made to your GM.


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