Making Friends and Inventions

Making Friends and Inventions

There are three principles at work here:

  1. People should be rewarded for making and bringing cool props
  2. Science should be fun
  3. Science should encourage collaborative play and interesting narrative

To this end, you can create temporary assets during play. You must have narrative justification, succeed on a Create Advantage test and spend a fate point to do so. Once created, they last for a scene.

Creating Temporary Assets

In order to create a temporary asset, you need narrative justification (such as a workshop and each of the four types of components to craft a device, or a few relevant social interactions to make a friend). Once you’ve achieved that, pay a style with the relevant profession to create an advantage representing the asset. Usually, this is all you have to do to represent the asset in fiction.

If you want to turn this advantage into a temporary asset, spend a fate point to convert the advantage into a function aspect and give it the asset a benefit and drawback. You can only spend one fate point on a single temporary asset.

Duration of Temporary Assets

After the first scene in which the asset is used or invoked, it disappears (a device runs out of power or breaks, a companion leaves or is otherwise no longer of use, etc.). If you want to prolong an assets use, you can spend another fate point to give it another scene of usefulness, or spend a point of refresh to make it a permanent asset for you character, provided that the proper components are assembled to create an advantage with appropriate skill.

Making Friends and Inventions

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