Murder, Bloody Murder

Murder, Bloody Murder


If you plan to do away with an enemy through covert means, you have to do it the right way.

First, you have to get someone out of sight of any witnesses.

Second, you have to spend a Style and declare, “Murder.”

Third, you need to succeed in a Scoundrel or Soldier Contest, whichever is higher for both opponents. In other words, if your Soldier is higher than your Scoundrel, you use your Soldier. If your opponent’s Soldier is higher than his Scoundrel, he uses Soldier.

Finally, whoever succeeds gets privilege: they can say what happens in the Murder scene. Either a) the victim survives and escapes or b) receives a rank 5 Injury (becoming incapacitated).

You can apply your Calling, your Drive, Stunts and any other advantage you can find. If you are in your District, you can also add that Aspect to your attempt at Murder (it costs a Style).

Mass Murder

There’s really only one complication for the Murder mechanic: more than two people involved in the scene. I designed this system to be fast and simple. I have no desire to recreate any tabletop mechanics for Mass Murder or for a violence scene involving more than five seconds of mechanics. And so, here’s how we handle the complications.

First, you cannot commit Murder on another character if you have less conspirators in the room than your target does. The definition of “conspirator” is “someone on your side.” If you have two friends with you in a room and your target is by himself, you can try Murder. If you have two friends with you and your target has two friends as well, you cannot commit Murder.

Second, if you’ve got multiple characters involved, everyone gets involved in the contest. Everyone puts together their Name, Virtue, Aspect and any other advantage to get a total. Then, follow these steps.

The winner has privilege. He picks one character in the room (including himself) and declares whether or not that character escapes or suffers a rank 5 Injury. Then, the next highest total has privilege. He picks one character in the room (including himself) and declares whether or not that character escapes or suffers a rank 5 Injury. This goes on until no character has privilege. At that point, any characters without a rank 5 Injury escapes the scene.



Criminal Record (-3, UnMet p.175)
Debt (-3, UnMet p.175)
Disowned (-3, UnMet p.175)
Escaped Mental Patient (-1, UnNec p.70)
Immigrant (-1, UnMet p.175)
Monthly Evaluation (-3, UnNec p.70)
Nemesis (-1…-5, UnMet p.175)
Nomad (-3, UnMet p.176)
Notoriety (-3, UnMet p.177)
Poor (Variable, UnMet p.177)
Secret (-1, UnMet p.177)
Thick Accent (-1, UnMet p.177)
Unlicensed (-3, UnMet p.177)
Unlicensed Psychic (-3, UnNec P.70)
Wanted (-3, UnMet p.177)
Ward (-1, UnMet p.177)


Accelerated Decrepitude (-5, UnMet p.181)
Albinism (-5, UnMet p.181)
Allergy (-1…-5, UnMet p.181)
Amputee (-3…-5, UnMet p.181
Ashen Breath (-1, UnNec p.77)
Asthma (-1 or -3, UnMet p.182)
Blind (Corruption Aspect, UnMet p.182)
Color Blindness (-1, UnMet p.182)
Consumptive (Corruption Aspect, UnMet p.182)
Deaf (-5, UnMet p.183)
Defects (-1, UnMet p.183)
Draw Lightning (-3, UnNec p.77)
Eidolon (-1, UnNec p.78)
Entropic Presence (-1, UnNec p.78)
Evil Eye (-3, UnMet p.183)
Fits (-1…-3, UnMet p.183)
Glass Jaw (-3, UnMet p.183)
Haemophilia (Corruption Aspect, UnMet p.183)
Haywire (-1, UnNec p.78)
Internal Light (-1, UnNec p.78)
Lame (-5, UnMet p.184)
Leper (Corruption Aspect, UnMet p.184)
Lost Eye (-1, UnMet p.184)
Midget (-3, UnMet p.184)
Mute (-5, UnMet p.184)
Prosthetic – Oraculum (-3, UnMet p.184)
Prosthetic – Rattler (-3, UnMet p.185)
Prosthetic – Ticker (-5, UnMet p.185)
Syphilis (-5, UnMet p.185)
Void Marked (-1, UnNec p.78)
Waking Fits (-3, UnNec p.78)


Amnesia (-1…-5, UnMet p.186)
Catalyst of Despair (-3, UnNec p.79)
Cowardice (-3, UnMet p.187)
Deep Trance (-1, UnNec p.79)
Delamayn (-1, UnNec p.80)
Dim (-5, UnMet p.187)
Fastidious (-1, UnMet p.187)
Hypersensitive (Corruption Aspect, UnMet p.187)
Illiterate (-1, UnMet p.187)
Melancholy (-3, UnMet p.188)
Night Terrors (-1, UnMet p.188)
Reversion (-3, UnNec p.80)
Sexual Dysfunction (-1, UnNec p.80)
Sleepwalker (-1, UnMet p.188)
Superstition (-1, UnMet p.188)
Timeless (-3, UnNec p.80)
Uncontrollable Temper (-3, UnMet p.188)
Weak Willed (-5, UnMet p.188)


Altered States (-3, UnNec p.72)
Blinded Sight (-1, UnNec p.72)
Blood Work (-3, UnNec p.73)
Burns (-5, UnNec p. 73)
Combustible Dreams (-5, UnNec p.73)
Dark Inheritance (-3, UnMet 179)
Delirium Tremens (-3, UnNec p.73)
Dream Bound (-3, UnNec p.73)
Good Tasting (-3, UnMet p.179)
Ghost Lover (-1, UnNec p.74)
Hands On (-3, UnNec p.74)
Haunted (-1…-5, Corruption Aspect, UnNec p.74)
Heat Wave (-5, UnNec p.75)
Hell-bent (-1, UnNec p.75)
Inconsolable (-3, UnNec p.76)
Malignity (-3, UnMet p.179)
Mental Strain (-5, UnNec p.76)
Phantom Signal (-3, UnNec p.76)
Plague Kissed (-1, UnMet p.179)
Psychospasm (-1, UnNec p.76)
Psychotrope (-1, UnNec p.76)
Sandman (-1, UnNec p.76)
Spirit Beacon (-3, UnNec p.76)
Visible Manifestation (-1, UnNec p.77)
Waking Dream (-5, UnNec p.77)
Weird (-5, UnNec p.77)

Mental Disorders

Agrypnia (-3 or -5, UnNec p.81)
Catatonia (-3 or -5, UnMet p.190)
Delirium (-3 or -5, UnMet p.190)
Dementia (-1 or -3, UnMet p.191)
Hysterical Blindness (-3 or -5, UnMet p.191)
Multiple Personality Disorder (-3 or -5, UnNec p.81)
Narcolepsy (-1 or -3, UnMet p.191)
Necrophilia (-1 or -3, UnMet p.192)
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (-1 or -3, UnMet p.192)
Panic Disorder (-3 or -5, UnMet p.192)
Paranoia (-1 or -3, UnMet p.192)
Phobic Disorder (-1 or -3, UnMet p.193)
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (-3 or -5, UnMet p.194)
Pyromania (-3 or -5, UnNec p.81)
Zoophagous Mania (-1 or -3, UnMet p.194)

Murder, Bloody Murder

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