The rules for psychics are too detailed to go into here, however we do have space for a brief summary.

There are two ways to become Psychic. Firstly, we will outline the Psychic Calling, and then Psychic Induction.

Firstly, all psychics will need to have an Aspect that reflects their Devotion (from the following list):

  • Empathy (UnNec p.69-75)
  • Extrasensory Perception (UnNec p.75-81)
  • Prescience (UnNec p.81-87)
  • Telepathy (UnNec p.87-94)
  • Electrokinesis (UnNec p.97)
  • Pyrokinesis (UnNec p.101-105)
  • Telekinesis (UnNec p.108-112)

This aspect gives the psychic permission to buy Grading in these powers as Stunts, giving access to the Powers listed in Unhallowed Necropolis Revised pp.71-112. In order to increase this Grading, a psychic must work with an appropriate character, such as an Alienist, as per the rules on p. 61 of Unhallowed Necropolis Revised. In addition, each Aspect has an individual compel, as well as the Compel of Latent Insanity.

Those with the Psychic Calling already have an appropriate Aspect, and then may add additional psychic Aspects as normal (though Grading provides a narrative justification for this). They use the relevant Profession to the situation to activate the power.

They get off easy.

The other way to get Psychic Powers (in play) is through Psychic (or Hypnotic) Induction. Through working with an entirely reputable Alienist a character can awaken their psychic potential at the cost of walling off aspects of their personality (or having a section of their brain experimented on). They trade a non-zero Profession from their list for a "Psychic" profession. They must also purchase Devotions as Aspects, and Grading as Stunts. All their psychic powers will run off the Psychic Profession, however they will no longer be able to perform that old Profession. Choose well.

Psychic Powers are listed in Unhallowed Necropolis Revised. Not all of these will be allowed in the LARP, and so should be discussed with the Narrator if you are thinking of taking them. All uses will all have an acting component associated with them, and this should be discussed also.


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