Her Majesty's Finest [UnMet]

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It was decided that the name of the “day shift” game should be:

Her Majesty’s Finest

and the Minutemen

…was suggested to represent the “night shift”, but I am unsure if they want to take something like…

the Gaslights


Present were:
Alex Hughes – Detective Adrian White
Andrew Sadler – Elizabeth Winters
Angelus Morningstar – Father Darrowmere
Chris Wheeler – Gregory Smith
Herbie Peppard – Mortimer Jacobs Woodsworth
Lachlan Twobeard – Koric Copperbeard
Leigh Tuckman – Maude Lackerey
Owen McRae – Lord Charles Unwin Byron

Those who have posted responses to the surveys and signed up to the Obsidian Portal have been linked.

Basic system will run off clocks, matching cards’ numbers to the minute hand.

Virtue was blind-voted on, and we’ll discuss how that works later. For now, it’s safe to summarize that it’s a rough in-principle inversion of the Corruption and Devil’s Luck mechanics from the Unhallowed Metropolis core book (as tracking negative cards would suck).


sparksman sparksman

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